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This is Why Your Big Bathroom Feels Small (+ How to Make it Look Larger)

Are you looking for ways to make your bathroom look and feel larger? You are not alone. Many homes have bathrooms that are on the smaller side, but fear not – there is a way to use clever design tactics to give your bathroom an enlarged illusion that will make it look bigger without even having to break down walls! In today’s article from the bathroom experts at Sauben, we will discuss the most effective tips and tricks any interior designer would recommend to make any small space seem expansive—and why achieving it can be important in maintaining your home’s overall organisation and comfortableness.

Why does my big bathroom feel cramped?

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If your large bathroom suddenly feels too cramped, it could be due to the room’s layout. Smaller bathrooms tend to benefit from symmetry, which allows the user to move around effortlessly. Unfortunately, when it comes to bigger bathrooms, this is not always an option without extra furniture or fixtures.

In those cases, consider adding a divider if possible; this will help create two separate sections, making an expansive space appear more comfortable and inviting. Moreover, do not forget to add lighting sources that can brighten up any dark corners and give your bathroom a much-needed glow. With a few simple steps and clever ideas, you can transform your big bathroom into one that brings joy every time you enter!

How to make your bathroom look larger

1. Limit the materials you use

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Making bathrooms look bigger is an art; with the right materials and designs, you can make any large bathroom look bigger and brighter. When it comes to ideas, start by looking at all of the room’s elements. Start by focusing on the walls. Choose a light colour paint or wall covering to create a sense of space, like shades of white, cream or pastel colours. Instead of large tile, which can make the room look smaller, use large natural stone panels to create a seamless look and open up the floor space.

If you are working with a limited budget, select durable materials that last longer to reduce costs in the long run further. Look for ceramic sinks that reflect light to help make your large bathroom feel more open and inviting. And finally, when it comes to accessories, opt for wall-mounted fixtures as it helps to keep floor space clear and make the room appear larger.

2. Use mirrors strategically to add depth

Mirrors can be an effective way to make a relatively small bathroom look more prominent. By strategically placing mirrors, they can create the illusion of depth and open up the room visually. Utilising differently shaped mirrors and varying their sizes will help add interest to your bathroom and further the impression of space. Hang one large mirror in an area with good direct light to brighten up any dull spots in the room.

Oblong or circular framed mirrors also work well, especially if placed on either side of a vanity or sink. You may consider adding several small round mirrors instead of a single full-size unit for smaller bathrooms. This trick can serve to give a much more spacious feel than regular decor choices might provide.

3. Choose wall-mounted units over freestanding

Adding wall-mounted storage options to your bathroom can be a great way to maximise your space. By mounting cabinets and shelving higher up on the wall, you can create the illusion of more space in the room. It is ideal for smaller bathrooms that need to make the most of their space.

Wall-mounted furniture units also come in various designs and materials, so it is easy to find one that complements your unique style. Plus, you do not have to worry about taking up unnecessary floor areas with bulky freestanding furniture. When it comes to transforming your bathroom’s floor space without giving up style or comfort, opting for wall-mounted storage is the solution.

4. Elevate your bath with a claw-foot tub

Transforming your bathroom with a classic claw-foot bathtub is the perfect way to make your space appear larger while achieving a luxurious spa experience. The timeless nature of this tub juxtaposes nicely with modern fixtures, which helps create a balanced look.

Choose a cast iron claw-foot tub in black or white for a traditional vibe. Soften the look with pastel floral or leafy patterned wallpapers draped over the walls, and select a statement French-style mirror for the centrepiece of your bathroom masterpiece. Investing in an eye-catching and elegant claw-foot tub will elevate the visual appeal of your bathroom while creating a spa look, so it’s well worth the additional expense.

5. Opt for curves over sharp angles

Creating a large bathroom can be no easy feat. Fortunately, by opting for rounded lines and curves over sharp angles, you can instantly make your bathroom appear larger than it is. Not only do curves soften the room – creating a more calming bathtime escape -, but they also build the perception of spaciousness.

Take a look around – are any of your fixtures, such as sink counters or vanities too blocky? If so, consider swapping them for something sleeker to help open up your large bathroom ideas. You can even go one step further and swap out hard-edged tiles shapes in favour of softer, rounder pieces. These little curved details can help to maximise space while enhancing the aesthetics of the bathroom at the same time!

6. Don’t use dark tiles on your walls

a bathroom with light tiles

When decorating your bathroom, one option is to use wall tiles. However, when installing tiles, it is important to be aware of the colour you are selecting, as this can drastically affect the feeling of size in the space. Just like how dark colours on a sofa can make a room feel smaller, dark tiles in a bathroom can have a similar effect. Darker colours are often used in bathrooms to create a cosy atmosphere; however, this should be avoided if your goal is to make your bathroom look larger.

Not only do dark tiles absorb light and make a room appear more closed off, but they also highlight flaws in the existing structure and make them more visible. To ensure your bathroom looks as spacious as possible, select lighter-coloured tiles and allow any available natural light to illuminate your renovated space fully.

7. Keep your windows clear from clutter

If you want large bathroom ideas to make your bathroom look bigger, one of your simplest options is to clean off your windows. Clutter can make any space look smaller and confined, which is true for bathrooms.

Your windows are a great source of natural light, brightening the entire room and making it feel more open. Keeping them free of blinds, lace curtains, and other items can help take advantage of the outside light while increasing the room’s perceived size. Just make sure you use frosted glass so your bathroom remains private!

8. Declutter your floorspace

Decluttering the floor space in your bathroom is a great way to give the appearance of a larger space. Start by removing items around the toilet, vanity top, and sink that are not regularly used or purely decorative. Put these in cabinet storage instead, or hang them up on towel holders or wall hook racks if you need access to them frequently.

To maximise utility and aesthetics while keeping clutter away, consider installing floating shelves along the walls near the mirror or shower stall. These provide additional storage space without adding bulkiness to the area and give the room a modern touch. With just a few changes, you can make your small bathroom appear much bigger through effective decluttering!

9. Swap your shower curtain for a clear plastic screen

A large bathroom is a luxurious dream for many homeowners. If adding square footage is not an option, there are easy ideas to implement that can create the illusion of more space. One simple large bathroom idea is to swap out your traditional shower curtain for an all-clear plastic screen. It will instantly open up the enclosed shower area, making it seem larger and more spacious. Furthermore, when matched with light-coloured tiles and walls, the bathroom appears brighter, broader and airier. With such a simple upgrade, you will enjoy your large bathroom experience in no time!


Although you can’t increase the square footage of your bathroom, with a few design tricks, you can make it feel and look larger. And who doesn’t love the feeling of walking into an airy, open space? If you implement just one or two of these ideas, you should see (and feel) a difference in your bathroom’s size. So go forth and make your small bathroom appear much grander—your guests will be impressed.

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