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Preparing Your Home for a House Viewing (+ What Not To Do!)

Are you ready to put your home on the market and invite people in for viewings? It can be a stressful time, but you can do some things to help make it go more smoothly. With a few simple tips from an interior designer, you’ll be able to give potential buyers the best possible impression of your house when they come through. In this blog post, we’ll cover all the important details of preparing your home for a house viewing and outline what not to do so that potential buyers will see what your place offers without any negative aspects overshadowing it. Let’s get started!

1. Clear away leaves or debris

autumn leaves

Preparing your home for a house viewing can be time-consuming and overwhelming; clearing away leaves or debris can at least get you started down the right path! Looking around your front porch, driveway and yard, take note of any areas where leaves have gathered or created eyesores. If they are not too large, you may be able to grab a bin bag and manually remove them. If there are larger piles of leaves, then it is recommended that you rent a leaf blower or power vacuum, which will make the process much quicker.


Taking this step before an open house will ensure that potential buyers do not take one glance at the outside of your home and get a bad impression! Keep in mind, however, that if the weather gets colder, these leaves may accumulate again – so stay proactive with cleaning them regularly.

2. Prune back your garden plants

Pruning garden plants is essential when preparing your home for a house viewing. It keeps them attractive, neat and tidy and demonstrates that you have taken care of the upkeep of your property. Pruning back unruly shrubs, deadheading blooms and trimming grass will give prospective buyers the impression of a well-kept home.


It’s also important to remember that plants should not block out windows or doorways, which can make rooms feel dingy and dark – prune these away to open up the living space for potential buyers. Investing a little bit of time in pruning your garden plants is an effortless way to make your home more attractive for buyers and create an inviting atmosphere for guests at the same time.

3. Sweep out your guttering

Before you give potential buyers a tour of your home, ensure all the guttering has been swept clean! Over time, dirt, leaves, and other debris can build up in the gutters and cause damage to the exterior walls. Plus, clogged gutters can attract pests looking for shelter and food. Clearing out your gutters requires little more than a garden rake.


Start at the bottom and work your way up while pulling out any blockages until they’re debris-free. It’s also important to check for signs of rust or mildew in the gutters – these will need to be addressed if present so that other problems don’t arise. All homes tell a story – so ensure yours is one of meticulous upkeep with a quick sweep through the guttering!

4. Repair cracks in your paving

cracked paving stones in front of house

Preparing your home for a house viewing can be daunting, as there are many things to do and fix. One important task is ensuring that any cracks in your paving are repaired. It can be done either with new paving or a specifically made filler – whichever suits the aesthetic of your home the best. Doing so before a viewing can present the welcoming look of clean and tidy grounds, helping to set it apart from stiff competition in the market.

Additionally, repairs to any cracks in your paving can prevent further damage, such as weed growth in-between pavers and sink over time due to movement – saving you from long-term costs down the line.

5. Repair any damaged doors or floors

Preparing your home for viewing can be an overwhelming task, but focusing on repairs to your floors and doors beforehand can help show off your house in its best light. Any scuffs and scrapes on doors or floors should be addressed before open-house visitors come through. It can start with sanding down any blemishes or dents in the wood panelling and filling in any indentations on the tiled floor.

Giving the door and floor surfaces a lick of paint or varnish afterwards to make them look brand new is a great way to give potential buyers an excellent first impression of your property. Taking the time to repair damaged doors or floors is essential to preparing your home for viewing.

6. Impress with plants in bloom

When preparing your home for a house viewing, why not impress potential buyers by adding some of nature’s beauty? Nothing sets an inviting stage like a handful of plants in bloom. Whether it’s colourful flowers lining the windowsills or greenery around the entryway to create an inviting space, you can inspire potential homebuyers the minute they walk through the door. By softening up the indoors and bringing life into what can otherwise be a sterile environment, your visitors will be captivated by the refreshing presence of plants. We guarantee that if you include these in your staging process, they will instantly appreciate the natural warmth they bring to your home!

7. Polish your windows

a woman polishing glass window

Preparing your home for a house viewing can be an overwhelming task. It is essential to ensure every detail is taken care of, and one often overlooked task is polishing the windows. Having streak-free windows enhances your curb appeal and allows natural light to stream in, which visitors will surely appreciate.

To polish your windows, use a quality glass cleaner and gently wipe with a soft, lint-free paper towel or microfiber cloth for best results. Taking the time to get this extra detail right will help your home shine and give the impression that your property has been well taken care of, most likely increasing its value on any potential buyer’s list.

8. Repair cracks in the walls

Preparing a house to be viewed is important to ensure it presents at its best. Walls also need prepping, including examining them for any cracks that should be filled and painted over. Unsightly cracks detract from the overall look of a room, so they must be addressed in preparation for people visiting.

Start by removing any old paint or plaster around the crack before filling it with specialist filler that matches the colour of your walls. Sand down once dry, and then apply a fresh coat of paint. Doing this will ensure your walls look as good as new and help create an inviting atmosphere for any house viewings you undergo.

9. Paint over chipped wall paint

Preparing your home for a house viewing can require work, such as touching up paint. If you’ve noticed chipped wall paint, painting over it is an easy way to spruce up the look of your home before prospective buyers walk in. It’s important to use a quality primer and paint to cover the chip marks, so they don’t show through.

Additionally, properly sanding and cleaning the area before applying a fresh coat of paint can further enhance its appearance. Taking the time to fix chipped walls can go a long way to ensure your home looks its best for any house viewing!

10. Upgrade your front gate

Preparing your home for a house viewing can be stressful, and there’s often much to think of. One way to make an impression on potential buyers and give yourself some extra peace of mind is to upgrade your front gate. Not only will it create an attractive first feature, but it can also provide added security, making the property even more attractive to potential buyers. You can opt for various styles, from automated gates and smart technology systems for greater convenience to a simple but up-to-date wooden design for added kerb appeal. Whichever front gate your choose, integrating it into your home is sure to give prospects a great first impression as soon as they arrive.

11. Replace your front garden fence with a hedge

Preparing your home for a house viewing can seem daunting, but replacing your front garden fence with a hedge is a great way to take some stress off and get the process rolling. A hedge instantly ups your home’s curb appeal, providing an inviting look for potential buyers.

Furthermore, it can add privacy and enhance wildlife in your garden. With some effort and knowledge of how to care for it, you can create an attractive, mature-looking hedge that will genuinely make your home stand out from competing properties and capture potential buyers’ attention.

12. Wipe down and polish your appliances

Preparing your home for a house viewing includes making sure all parts of it look their best. Appliances such as fridges, microwaves, and ovens can be easily forgotten about in the process but should not be overlooked.

Take the time to wipe them down with either a damp cloth or an all-purpose cleaning product before polishing them with a microfiber cloth for the best results. Doing this will ensure your appliances look as good as new and make the property feel cleaner overall, which can go a long way in setting the right atmosphere during house viewings.

If your appliances are looking outdated or damaged, it might be time to replace them with a newer model (that is if they are included with your home), as an up-to-date appliance can be attractive to potential buyers and help them picture themselves living in the property in the years ahead. Hanstrom’s latest boiling water tap is a prime example of an appliance that can add value to your interior.


So there you have everything you need to do (and not do) to prepare your home for a house viewing. Following these simple tips and guidelines will make a great impression on potential buyers and increase the likelihood of selling your home quickly. Do you have any additional tips for preparing your home for a showing? Share them with us in the comments below!

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